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2019年01月21日 01:30:46 | 作者:度排名健康门户 | 来源:新华社
栏目简介:《美国熊孩子Kids React是轻松听力下面的子栏目,栏目内容主要是美国的孩子们对一些事物的反应,这些react反应非常的有意思,能够提高英语学习爱好者的学习兴趣,帮助英语学习爱好者在轻松愉快的氛围中掌握一些英语知识,轻松、幽默、风趣,尽在美国熊孩子栏目中 353Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻 Count to one Hundred Bee You Speak数到一百再说In class,the teacher,with his back leaning against the stove,said to the students,数到一百再说课堂上,老师背靠火炉站着,对学生们说:;Bee you speak,you should think and count to at least 50,“说话前要三思,起码数到50,and important matters to 0.;重要的事情要数到一百”No sooner had the teacher stopped talking than the students began to count.老师的话音刚落,学生立刻从“1”开始数起来At last all the students shouted together,最后一起喊:;1...98,99,0.teacher,your clothes are on fire.;“98,99,0!老师,您的衣着火了”Notes:1. againstprep.(表示态度)反对;(表示方位)紧靠着…;(表示对象)对…不利;以…兑换conj.在…之时;在…之前常见搭配:as against与...比较be against(with)违反, 无视, 不顾dead against[口]断然反对, 正对着set against[口]断然反对, 正对着over against在...对面与...成鲜明的对比.no sooner...than一…就…部分倒装 had 提前(No sooner had the teacher stopped talking than the students began to count. )No sooner said than done.st.说到做到;随说随做;说干就干;说办便办3.on fiv.起火,非常激动eg.A spark set the woods on fire.星星之火可以燎原She is a person who would set the world on fire.她是那种会做出惊人之举引起轰动的人 本节目可可原创节目, 01Track OneSuits the politicians and the business people西装是专为政商人士设计的You had companies like ‘Shepard and Anderson who designed Prince Charles也有像“Shepard and Anderson”这样专为查尔斯王子设计着装的公司That what it was – it was all about being a gentleman and how you presented yourself这就是西装的全部意义——做一名绅士以及用怎样的形象示人It was a real lifestyle – m of communicating who you are这是一种真正的生活方式——告诉人们你是谁Fashion changed in Britain时装在英国改变了许多It was really in the ‘60 with brands like Ben Sherman, the whole Portobello Road and Carnaby Street是上世纪60年代,随着像Ben Sherman这样的品牌兴起,整个Portobello路和Carnaby街也随之兴盛繁荣起来That movement that took off – and the whole Mod movement really shaped British fashion整个运动方兴未艾——可以说整个现代时尚运动真正塑造了英国的时尚The Beatles in their skinny suits with their hair那个时代,披头士们穿着他们的精致修身的小西,留着披头士的发型The whole colourful shirt thing – my old teacher – he had a shop on King Road – his name was Stephen King - he became quite famous in dressing people in bright psychedelic shirts还有那些花色款的衬衣——我曾经的老师——他在国王大街有个店面——他叫 Sephen King——他后来很有名,因为他很会以鲜亮迷人的衬衫来打扮他的客人It was a whole lifestyle – people really bought into and lived时装也是一个完整的生活方式——人们真正选择购买并与之长期生活在一起的东西,这就是生活方式How do you train somebody to be a designer?怎样培训设计师?I remember telling my teacher at school I wanted to apply London School of Fashion – and started doing all this drawing我曾记得我告诉我的老师我想申请就读伦敦时尚学校——然后开始画各种图There was something naturally there with me某些东西我与生俱来It worked and I got in这种天分很有效而且我全然领会,我成功进入了那所学院They try and build up your skills, build up your understanding他们(学校)塑造你的技能,塑造你对时装的理解能力There is a lot to fashion designing that I think a lot of people do not understand我认为关于时装设计的很多事情,其实很多人都不是真的理解It involves society它包含着社会因素And when you work big companies it involves the economy, what happening – it can even involve politics当你为大公司工作时这其中也包括经济因素,所有周围正在发生的一切——甚至也包括政治因素I worked across both men and women wear我的工作贯穿男装及女装领域Studied women wear at London College of Fashion and menswear in Sussex.我在伦敦时尚学院学的女装专业,在苏赛克斯学了男装专业Track TwoI managed to work with a very famous designer Alexander McQueen我得以有机会和一位非常知名的设计师Alexander McQueen一起工作He was very successful, very talented designer他真是一名很成功且很有天赋的设计师Even although I was doing a menswear degree, when I met him I worked on women wear尽管我当时正在修男装学位,遇到他以后,我开始着手于女装的工作Once you know how to design you can design pretty much anything一旦你懂得怎样设计,你几乎就能够设计任何东西When I was a student I met him during Graduate Fashion Week and I said I would really love to work you当我还是学生的时候,我在”毕业时装周”上遇到了他,并且告诉他我真的很想和他一起共事He took me really seriously and gave me this metal business card他很认真地考虑了,并给了我这张金属质感的名片I sent in my CV and next week they called me in “Please work on a piece with one of our designers ‘Days and Confused magazine.我呈报了我的CV,第二个星期,他们给我打了电话,邀我与他们 ‘Days and Confused 杂志的一位设计师一起参与一个共同设计的环节And then it just grew from there – a piece went into the Vamp;A Museum设计逐渐成型,成熟——其中一个作品进入了Vamp;A物馆Fashion has a lot of tension, a lot of pressure – it is a very competitive industry时装业有着紧张的气氛,也有很多的压力,令人紧绷——是一个竞争激烈的行业Working with Alexander McQueen – we had a similar background- he was from the East End there was just something about us, we just clicked和Alexander McQueen一起工作——我们有很多相似的背景——他来自伦敦东部,我们有相同之处,一拍即合Other students were very scared of him – he was very strict其他的学生很惧怕他——因为他很严厉They invited me to Givenchy in Paris他们邀请我去巴黎的纪梵希I worked on one of the main couture collections我负责一套主要的成衣设计I also worked all night with McQueen and another guy, who at the time I did not realise who he was我同时也和McQueen以及另一个同事整晚工作,我当时不知道那个同事是何许人也The day bee the show we went to the venue in a taxi时装秀当天,我们乘出租车去了会场We worked the whole night- we were drinking some champagne at the same time我们工作了整晚,同时我们也喝了些香槟It was only in the morning that I realised who I had been talking with直到早上我才意识到和我一起工作聊天的人是谁The guy said ;My name is Philip;他说“我名叫Philip”;You are a hat designer – are you Philip Tracy?;“你是帽子设计师——就是那个 Philip Tracy?” 65769

Home Sweet Home还是家里好A surgeon returned from a safari in Africa.一位外科医生刚从非洲狩猎回来;How did it go?; asked his colleagues.“这次打猎顺利吗?”同僚问道;Oh , it was very disappointing,; replied the surgeon.“喔,实在太令人失望了,”外科医生答道;I didnt kill a thing. In fact, Id have been better off staying here in the hospital. ;“我什么也没猎杀到,实际上,还是待在医院里比较有成就感”

I tell of you, it is just a couple of weeks, this man right here, Jason Aldean could be picking up his first Grammy.我要告诉你的是,仅仅几周时间里,在这里的这个人, 杰森·阿尔丁可能会获得他的第一座格莱美奖His latest CD Night Train is up best country album.他的最新CD《Night Train(夜间列车) 斩获最佳乡村歌曲专辑殊荣Meantime, he just been named CMT Artist of the Year the fourth year running.与此同时,他也连续第四年被提名为CMT年度艺术家All 8.5 million records sold, No.1 hits.这位歌手有着850万的销售纪录,次获得人气第一Give it up, the one and only, Jason Aldean.下面让我们欢迎杰森·阿尔丁Thank you, that a good introduction.谢谢你,很棒的介绍Thank you very much, I get all excited.非常感谢,我非常兴奋I feel like I am at the ball park and know how you love sports.我觉得自己置身于球场上而且清楚你爱运动Okay. The big announcement,let hear.好吧大声宣布吧,我们洗耳恭听Yeah, this year I wanted to make a big announcement.是的,今年我想做出一个重大声明And actually partnered up with Major League Baseball to kick off a new tour.实际上我们与美国职业棒球大联盟合作,准备开始一次全新的计划Like I said, partnered with Major League Baseball.就像我说的,与美国职业棒球大联盟合作Were gonna go...go play at stadium...in a bunch of stadiums this year.我们会…在体育场演出…今年在一些育场会出现我们的身影So those are gonna start to come out, the stadiums were gonna do are gonna come out, you know just kind of periodically through out the year.所以计划会开始实施,我们会进入体育场馆,你知道的,今年会定期在那里演出Totally, I think it gonna be about, total about 50 shows on this tour.我认为今年大概有50场演出So we got Florida Georgia Line, Tyler Farr going out with us.我们邀请到佛罗里达·格鲁吉亚,泰勒·法尔与我们共同前往Excellent. So it gonna be a fun year.太棒了所以今年会是有趣的一年 65

英语学习笔记:sip v. 啜饮;啜swig v. 豪饮;大口地喝guzzle v. 狂饮Can I have a taste?我可以尝尝吗?Can I have a sip?我可以喝一下口吗?Ill let you swig my drink.我可以给你喝一大口的我的啤酒Im guzzling a cup of coffee.我狂饮了一杯咖啡Im choking.我呛到了更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 67

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